What Is Soft Washing?

Soft washing is the process of applying cleaning detergents at low pressure and then rinsing the solution and any contaminants off the surface with a low pressure stream of clean water. The cleaning solution used for residential house washing will include Sodium Hypochlorite and a surfactant or foaming agent. Sodium Hypochlorite is very safe and effective when used properly. It is used in the treatment of drinking water, to disinfect swimming pools and many other sanitary applications. By the time the cleaning solution is mixed with water and applied to the surfaces of a house, the bleach content is just a tad more than a swimming pool's normal operating level.

At Clean Hamptons | Soft Washing we use a step-by-step process. Our deep-cleaning process and extraordinary customer service is like no other — let The Hampton’s Premier Soft Washers show you the difference. Call or Text 631-848-5705 for a FREE estimate!

Why Soft Washing?


House Washing

Roof Washing

Our Process - Soft Washing


We perform a pre-inspection of each surface noting dirt, grime, and any other important service notes

Small Item Removal

We move smaller items in order to access each area to cleaning (chairs, small tables, and portable plants. This does NOT include large items, such as Air conditioners, and  Large Sofa)

Landscape & Plant Protection

We first water all plants and make sure they are not “thirsty”. This helps prevent the plants from sucking up or drinking any runoff from the house.

We will also cover all plants with plastic or tarp for cleaning (by request)


Spray the surface with our specially mixed detergent to sit and clean.

Clean & Rinse

Rinse each section with our low pressure saft washing system leaving the surface dirt and grime free.

Detail Clean Up

Wash down any plants or furniture that surround the area and may have solution, dirt, or grime.

Conduct a final inspection

We will conduct a final “walk through” inspection with you to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our service.

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