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At Clean Hamptons | Carpet Cleaning we use a step-by-step hot water extraction process, which is the most recommended by carpet manufactures. Our deep-cleaning process and extraordinary customer service is like no other — let The Hampton’s best carpet cleaners show you the difference.  If you are looking for carpet cleaning in Southampton, NY or anywhere else in The Hamptons, Palm Beach or Miami Call/Text 631-487-8404

Our Process - Carpet Cleaning


We perform a pre-inspection of each room noting stains, odors, soiled areas or noticeable traffic patterns.

Small Item Removal

We move smaller items from each room to be cleaned (chairs, small tables, and plants.

This does NOT include large items, such as sofa beds, entertainment centers, pianos, china cabinets, beds, etc. (Please note that we do not typically move the furniture back in place unless requested, as areas need time to dry).

Carpet Pre-treatment

Pre-treat the carpet with our special detergent.

Clean & Rinse

Clean and rinse the entire area using hot water extraction.

Final Grooming

Perform a final grooming to get the carpet looking even.

Conduct a final inspection after carpet cleaning

We will conduct a final “walk through” inspection with you to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our service.

Important Post Carpet Cleaning Notes

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