2021 Hamptons Home Spring Checklist: 15 things that must be on your list

With Spring around the corner. We thought it would be best to share with you 15 things your Hampton’s Home spring cleaning and property maintenance checklist must have. We hope to help you to get everything you need done in order to enjoy summer 2021

  1. Check your Foundation
    1. You want to check for any leaks, cracks and signs of moisture
  2. Take a look at your roof
    1. Is there any structural Damage?
      1. You want to look for missing or damaged shingles and signs of leaking or cracking areas. 
    2. How about Mold. Mildew, Algae
      1. If you notice any dark streaks, algae are the likely cause. 
  3. Clean The Gutters
    1. Clean all leaves out of gutters and also the downspouts. Remember to keep downspouts facing away from the home for proper runoff and drainage
  4. Check & Clean All Surfaces (Concrete, Stone, Decking)
    1. Walk around the outside of the house and check driveway, patio, walkways etc. 
  5. Turn On Irrigation And Test Outside Faucets
    1. It is common for pipes to freeze if not winterized properly. We suggest letting your faucets run in order to test there are no issues in the pipes causing blockage.
  6. Clean Siding
    1. Often Algae Mold, mildew can grow on your siding due to moisture. We suggest an exterior soft wash
  7. Clean Windows
    1. Keeping your windows clean helps to maintain functionality. We suggest lubricating any hinges after cleaning
  8. Clean & Replace any damaged Screens
    1. Often you can bring damaged screens to a screen repair shop
  9. Clean & Setup Outdoor furniture
    1. We offer shrink wrap removal and furniture wash packages
  10. Fence Maintenance
    1. Depending on the weather you may need to clean, paint,or even repair your fence.
  11. Pest control 
    1. Be sure to spray for spiders, ticks, and mosquitos
  12. Prepare your grill
    1. Be sure you can enjoy those special warm spring days
  13. Exterior Lights
    1. Be sure to check and replace all bulbs if needed
  14. Schedule Pool and Spa Maintenance
  15. Schedule Landscape Maintenance

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