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What is Pressure Washing?

Welcome to Clean Hamptons | Pressure Washing. We provide residential, commercial, and industrial pressure washing services in The Hamptons and South Florida. Pressure Washing is the most recommended practice when cleaning hard surfaces. This practice consists of spraying pressurized water in order to remove contaminants without the use of chemicals. By removing contaminants we are able to clean & closely match the appearance of the surface's original state. For pressure washing in Southampton or anywhere else in The Hamptons or South Florida 

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(Note: This method is recommended to only be performed on hard surfaces such as brick or concrete.) For Soft Washing or House Washing please visit our Soft Washing Page

Our Process - Pressure Washing


We perform a pre-inspection of each surface noting dirt, grime, and any other important service notes

Small Item Removal

We move smaller items in order to access each area to cleaning (chairs, small tables, and portable plants)
This does NOT include large items (unless spoke about prior)

Landscape & Plant Protection

We first water all plants surrounding the area and make sure they are not “thirsty”. This helps prevent the plants from sucking up or drinking any runoff from the house.


Clean the surface with our high power “Pressure Washing” system

Detail Clean Up

Wash down any plants or furniture that surround the area and may have solution, dirt, or grime.

Conduct a final inspection

We will conduct a final “walk through” inspection with you to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our service.

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